At Sextant Claims Administrators we recognize that timing is critical in successfully managing a property claim. Upon assignment we swiftly move to assemble the right team of claims professionals, consultants and project management specialists to resolve the claim and control claims costs and expense. We work with the policyholder to ensure that the damage and extent of the loss is accurately determined and that the policyholder is able to resume normal business operations as soon as possible. We fully understand the importance of on-going communication with the policyholder during the claims process is paramount to the proper handling of a property claim.

Our property experts stand ready to provide direction to our nationwide network of property field adjusters 24/7, 365 days a year. We have handled all types of commercial lines and personal lines property losses to include business interruption and extra expense as well as business personal property and stock losses.

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Negligence. We hear the word everyday. Someone has decided that your business or company is negligent and they want one thing from you: a monetary reward. Frustrating, yes. Extremely expensive? Absolutely.

Continuing litigation costs and dangerous venues have increased claims severity and claims frequency. The claims administration of your day-to-day liability claims is now a key driver to the success of your business’s bottom line.

With over twenty years experience handling PL and GL claims programs, we are experts in coverage, liability and damages analysis. Simply put, we know how to timely get your PL and GL claims closed for the most nominal amount possible.

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At Sextant Claims Administrators we are keenly aware that a matter of just a few short hours can make the difference between a claim for limited cargo damages versus a total cargo loss. Simply put, cargo claims demand immediate attention and our motor truck cargo experts stand ready to provide direction to our nationwide network of cargo field adjusters 24/7, 365 days a year.

We have handled all types of cargo losses including general freight, refrigerated and temperature controlled loads, and various specialized risks such as international shipments, pharmaceutical products, hazardous waste and auto transport. We fully understand the importance of identifying the shipper, the consignee/owner and actual value of each load. We will secure the shipping documents to establish legal liability and our cargo experts understand the Carmack Amendment as well as other applicable laws and their possible effect on your cargo claims.

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We know trucks, tractors, trailers, logging and forestry equipment as well as containers and intermodal equipment. We maintain a nationwide network of expert independent heavy equipment specialists for field inspections and damage assessment. We will take the extra steps to make sure each claim will be handled properly to include closely reviewing and analyzing towing and recovery charges, coverage limitations, salvage evaluation, subrogation possibilities, and determination of what is reasonably owed. In the event of a total loss, we will thoroughly evaluate the damaged unit to determine the fair market value.

We understand that getting the insured’s damaged unit repaired and back in service as quickly as possible is critical to them as well as to our client.

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Many insurance organizations will at times find themselves with an existing account or book of business that is in run-off. For a multitude of reasons, whether the book of business is not a financial gain, no longer a viable operational alternative or simply no longer a fit for your organization, you find yourself with a run-off program.

We know what you want and need. You want the claims on your run-off program closed. Now. Quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. You want your exposure finalized; you want to move on from this particular account or book of business.

Sextant Claims Administrators has over twenty years experience in Run-Off claims administration. We will agree in writing how quickly we can close out your program. You know exactly how much you are going to be charged and you, most importantly, have a TPA that has placed in writing when your account will be shut down. For good.

Give us a call or email us. We know what you want to achieve with your run-off program. We WILL close it down for you.


Here at Sextant Claims Administrators, we have over twenty years experience in construction defect (CD) claims. CD claims can become very expensive, very quickly. Complex, numerous defendants, high exposure; these are just some of the terms used repeatedly in the industry when discussing CD claims.

The volume of construction defect claims continues to rise in our country, and our client partners look to us to handle all of the intricacies of successfully managing and administering a CD claim all the while keeping our client partner’s claims dollars and claims costs at a minimum.

CD claims require seasoned claims professionals. Call or email us to discuss how we can successfully assist you with your CD book of business.


An effective strategy for case resolution is essential to our approach to litigation management. Every case we oversee, whether large or small in exposure, benefits from a strategy that specifies the steps toward achieving an identified outcome, as well as a comprehensive budget that clarifies the cost of implementing the strategy. From commencement of litigation until resolution, our dedicated claims team will oversee counsel and aggressively discuss and pursue the earliest opportunities to achieve cost effective claims resolution.
Effective litigation management requires:

  1. identification of the issues

  2. attaining a resolution strategy

  3. creation of the details of a resolution

  4. understanding and complying with the legal cost determinations as agreed in a litigation budget

Our guidelines are designed to manage the litigation and control all costs.


Sextant Claims Administrators considers subrogation a key factor in cost control. Specialized subrogation adjusters and auditors timely review and pursue our clients’ subrogation rights on all appropriate files. Prompt determination is made regarding liability levels and exposures. The Sextant subrogation team then institutes aggressive procedures and pursues all avenues in placing each potential party on formal notice. Consistent and timely follow-up with both documented payments and liability or property assessments is pushed forward into the view of the responsible parties’ decision makers, and the procurement of actual recovery funds from such parties is the ultimate and only viable goal in each of these cases.