Claims Run-Off Administration

run-offMany insurance organizations will at times find themselves with an existing account or book of business that is in run-off. For a multitude of reasons, whether the book of business is not a financial gain, no longer a viable operational alternative or simply no longer a fit for your organization, you find yourself with a run-off program.

We know what you want and need. You want the claims on your run-off program closed. Now. Quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. You want your exposure finalized; you want to move on from this particular account or book of business.

Sextant Claims Administrators has over twenty years experience in Run-Off claims administration. We will agree in writing how quickly we can close out your program. You know exactly how much you are going to be charged and you, most importantly, have a TPA that has placed in writing when your account will be shut down. For good.

Give us a call or email us. We know what you want to achieve with your run-off program. We WILL close it down for you.